News - 01.10.2014

New construction, buildings CN V and CN VI

HTB has just been contracted to construct the Buildings CN V and CN VI, for Confidere Imobili�ria e Incorporadora, located in Rio de Janeiro, in the Cidade Nova district. These commercial buildings will have approximately 5,200 m� each, and will be composed of 09 floors and 2 basements, with an execution deadline of 22 months.

The company executed the pre-construction work and is executing the construction of Building CN II, and is also actuating in other projects in Rio de Janeiro, such as the expansion of the CasaShopping, the construction of the REC Sapuca� undertaking, the Infoglobo, and other commercial buildings, such as the Barra Trade, Bar�o de Tef�, and 1� de Mar�o.

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