News - 03.15.2014

Delivery of Tishman Faria Lima

HOCHTIEF of Brazil has just completed the Faria Lima 3500 commercial building with 45,800 m� of constructed area and consisting of five floors of offices with slabs between 3.8 and 5.0 thousand m�, ground floor and three underground levels.

The services performed ranged from the excavation, retaining walls, foundations, superstructure, steel structures, masonry, finishes of the common areas, glass facade, waterproofing, electrical and hydraulic installations, air conditioning and automation of common areas, firefighting installations of the entire development and landscaping.

We highlight the superstructure that was quite complex due to the shape, which has four sloping sides, forming the base of an inverted pyramid. And also the construction of the �Eco roof�, a system for the planting of grass on the coverage that allows the use of rainwater for irrigation.

Besides having the most modern in constructive technology and installations, the project will receive the Gold LEED certification for sustainable construction.

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