News - 05.15.2014

Innovation in Building 18 JK

We call attention to the team of the Edif�cio JK 18, which is using BIM modeling to plan all executive details for the best choice of construction processes and solve problems with the designers and the client prior to the beginning of services in the field.

The modeling with BIM, Building Information Modeling, was considered with the purpose of complementing the project's compatibility process. This modeling encompassed the architecture and structure (modeled by our own internal team) and also the building facilities (MEP) modeled by a partner company. The project manager, Andrea Torres, who followed this process from the beginning, commented: "We were able to model the building aiming at successfully conducting the Clash Detection (detection of incompatibilities).

The project coordination team is responsible for verifying if the incompatibilities identified in the modeling were solved during the design reviews issued after the completion of the model. In addition, we are starting the construction of virtual 4D schedule, also with our own planning team, to facilitate the understanding of the production team as well as the upcoming activities planned at the construction site, since the 4D represents the link between the 3D modeling and the schedule drafted in MS Project in the planning of activities".

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