News - 08.25.2015

Klabin � Paranagu� Warehouse

HTB has been hired to carry out the construction of the Klabin distribution center in Paranagu�, state of Paran�, as a result of KERN Engenharia (HTB Group) excellent commercial performance. A 23,000 m� warehouse will be built, with a railway extension that will pass through it and integrated to the client�s Puma Project. The warehouse will be used deposit for materials, such as paper and pulp from Ortigueira � state of Paran�, which will be transshipped from railway to highway transportation, scheduled to be delivered in early 2016.

This construction is a great example of the synergy that exists between the HTB Group companies, KERN and TEDESCO. Besides the consolidation with Klabin (client), as well as in the Ortigueira works of the Wood Yard and Pipe Rack, with the construction of this warehouse, KERN Engenharia seeks to strengthen its brand in the region because the Paranagu� Port is one of the largest in the Brazil.

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