News - 09.04.2015

Consola��o Building

HTB recently began construction of a new building with future LEED Silver certification, in the downtown area of the city of S�o Paulo, with access by Ang�lica Avenue and Consola��o Street in a zone with maximum restriction and circulation. Construction will be concluded in 26 months and will be delivered during the second semester of 2017.

The project�s scope comprises of the first pre-construction phase, with the implementation of engineering solutions and the development of the projects to meet the client�s assumptions and needs with the construction of a commercial building with five basements, a ground floor, 1st floor (mezzanine), 10 attic and penthouse floors. This building will have exclusive garages, bank branch and stores.

The construction of the building will consist of the following stages: demolition, containment, foundations, superstructure, waterproofing, electrical, hydraulic and air-conditioning installations, automation and firefighting, glass wall facades, various coatings and finishes in conformity with the client�s specifications.

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