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11/01/2012 Carta Capital - HTB is present in the ranking of most admiredlearn more
10/01/2012 Revista Funda��es e Obras Geot�cnicas - Eco Berrini receives Milton Vargas Prizelearn more
10/01/2012 Revista Constru��o Mercado - Learn about the Technical Mission Sinduscon-SP who visited Germany, in which HTB has participated.learn more
10/01/2012 Revista Not�cias da Constru��o - Focus on innovation, productivity and sustainability - Technical Mission Sinduscon-SPlearn more
10/01/2012 Revista Green Building - Green Excellence in Cidade Jardim Corporate Center projectlearn more
09/01/2012 Revista Infra - Air conditioning of Rec Berrini and FL 17 Buildings - health and comfort for future user learn more
09/27/2012 Portal Engenharia e Constru��o - Cidade Jardim Corporate Center receives Certification AQUA learn more
08/01/2012 F�rum da Constru��o - Cidade Jardim Corporate Center - First commercial venture in Brazil has been certificated as AQUA learn more
08/22/2012 Di�rio do Com�rcio de Porto Alegre - CEO of HTB outlined a scenario of the Brazilian marketlearn more
08/30/2012 Revista Infra - SMACNA Award for Entrepreneurship Eco Berrinilearn more
07/01/2012 Revista Applaus - Announcement of HOCHTIEF do Brazillearn more
07/01/2012 Revista Noticias da Constru��o - Sinduscon-SP - Innovation inspires developmentlearn more
07/01/2012 Revista O Empreiteiro � 500 grandes da Constru��o: Check the ranking of HOCHTIEF do Brazillearn more
07/26/2012 Jornal Zero Hora - New contracts TEDESCO_ Deck Parking, SAPlearn more
07/26/2012 Jornal O Sul - TEDESCO will double in size by 2015learn more
07/26/2012 C�mara Alem� de POA - At the moment, Brazil is paradise for builderslearn more
07/30/2012 Jornal do Com�rcio - Partnership - TEDESCO / HTBlearn more
06/09/2012 Folha de S�o Paulo - Builders expand own team;learn more
06/01/2012 Revista Grandes Construtores - Eco Berrini Concretinglearn more
06/01/2012 Revista Brasil Alemanha - Investing in educationlearn more
05/30/2012 Revista Health_Arq - Hospital Israelita Albert Einsteinlearn more
05/20/2012 Revista T�chne - The Future of Construction sectorlearn more
05/15/2012 Jornal Brasil Econ�mico - New neighbor Sapuca�learn more
04/27/2012 ASBEA - Oscar Niemeyer has built project near Marques de Sapuca�learn more
04/18/2012 Folha de - Niemeyer signs corporate project beside the Samb�dromolearn more
04/19/2012 Jornal O Dia - In Sapuca�learn more
04/19/2012 Jornal O Globo - In place of Brahma, Building of Niemeyerlearn more
04/19/2012 Pini Web - Oscar Niemeyer has projected a building near the Marqu�s de Sapuca�learn more
03/01/2012 Revista Grandes Construtores - Rec Sapuca� learn more
03/21/2012 Vida Imobili�ria News - Ranking ITClearn more
02/02/2012 Revista Grandes Construtores - Announcement of HTB's Office in Rio de Janeirolearn more
02/01/2012 Revista Grandes Construtores - Construction Industrylearn more



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